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Transparency Code

In December 2014 the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issued the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities. The Code is a requirement for smaller authorities to make information available for local people to increase democratic accountability.

This page gives you access to all of the information that we are required to publish under the Transparency Code.

The information for each financial year will be available after the end of the financial year on 31 March and by 1 July at the latest. The exceptions to this are the list of councillor responsibilities and the minutes, agendas and papers of formal meetings which are published on an ongoing basis.

List of Councillors and their responsibilities:

Chairman - John Reed

Vice Chairman - Claudine Beard

Cllr Karen Luff - Responsible Financial Officer

Cllr Andrew Foxwell

Cllr David Selway

Clerk - Tracy Smith


To view our Councillors Register of Interest forms please click on the following link